Grand Theft Auto III (GTA3)


OS: Android 5.0 / iOS 8.0
CPU: 4 Cores



    Grand Theft Auto III is the first GTA series game in 3D picture produced by Rockstar company of the United States.

   The background city of the game is GTA LC, which tells the protagonist Claude and his girlfriend Kaitlyn to GTA LC from San Andreas to prepare for a big deal. Unexpectedly, his girlfriend betrayed him, and Claude was caught. On the way to prison, Claude knew No. 8 Ball. There was an important person in the vehicle that was driven to the prison together. So the escort vehicle was intercepted, and the important person was robbed by the Colombian gangs. Claude and No. 8 Ball got free by hitch. Claude and No. 8 Ball were developing their own business in GTA LC.

    Later, Claude learned that his girlfriend, Kaitlyn, began to hunt down him everywhere. Finally, Claude went to the party alone and wiped out the Columbia gang and Kaitlyn.


   There are only weapons and vehicles in the game. Weapons and vehicles play important roles in the game and are an important part of the game. There are no consumables in the game.

Weapons usually correspond to relevant combat skills, including hand to hand combat, close-in weapons, small-sized guns, heavy guns and throwing weapons. Protective clothing: mainly bullet-proof vest, which can bear any damage except getting drowned.

In the game, players will get vehicles, aircraft and ships and other vehicles. When the player's character is in the vehicle, all attacks will be borne by the vehicle. The vehicle can knock down passers-by while moving. The character can shoot freely to both sides in the vehicle, and can shoot freely in the motorcycle. The vehicle does not need to be refueled, and any damage can be repaired through the repair station.


    Grand Theft Auto III is a perfect combination of racing, role playing and action shooting. In the game, you need to drive, and you can get extra rewards for completing difficult actions; you need to complete tasks to earn money and improve your status; you also need to pick up guns to fight one-on-one with the enemy. In the game, you do not need to have high driving skills, you do not need to have very agile skills, you do not need to upgrade your role at full split, which may not meet the taste of racing fans, shooting fans and role-playing fans, but makes ordinary players who fear setbacks be able to enjoy more fun.


     Grand Theft Auto III has completed the transition from 2D to 3D, and many PC players said they felt the difference between console games and computer games for the first time. Absolutely free game mode, real feeling and the charm of role playing, were praised by so many players.

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