Draw Coliseum


OS: Android 4.1 and up


Draw Coliseum is a kind of enjoyable casual competitive game. This game is created with the method of Three-dimensional engine. The picture is clear with high resolution. The players should have a certain knowledge and skills of drawing. Through precise drawing of the top-shaped bade, competitors fight against their rivals. More wonderful skins and interesting devices are waiting for you to start.  

Playing method:

In the game, players can play freely. Through simple operation, they can enjoy the super interesting top fight.

Join in various pass-through fights. Each play level will provide brand new challenges, you will face the strong enemies in the game.

Advantages of  Draw Coliseum:

Different from the former top games, the innovative play methods only exists when it is combined with the drawing skills. It is easy to operate and suitable for each age period of the players. It is new, original and fantastic, but it is difficult for the players to achieve high marks. 

Help you to break the limit. No limit to enter the game. No survival limit in the game. Players can collect stars to earn more points. 

Game Features of Draw Coliseum:

Conflict with the rivals!

Fight for the fighting capital to increase the spinning speed, power and ink of the spinning blade. 

Win the game and become the champion to unlock new secret skins. 

Top level super interesting and exciting spinning fight game!

Simple game operation: the players only need to draw lines to control the motions of the top and to attack.

Abundant tops need to be unlocked: Unlock more tops! These tops will bring you very interesting experiences.

Super long list of levels: There are lots of levels in the game. It will bring you super fantastic fight feeling to unlock these levels. 


To draw the spinning tops blades and fight against the rivals, the players need to be gifted with a certain capacity of creation. To win of lose is decided by the drawing skills of the players. Conflict with the rivals, fight for the war capitals to increase the speed of the spinning machine blade for winning the game and becoming the champion, then the players can unlock the new unknown skins. Cartoon and interesting character, simple interface design can both create a very fresh and comfortable feeling. The play methods and content of the game is enjoyable ad interesting. It can provide you with relaxing play experience. And there are lots of various levels for you to challenge. Any player interested in it, pleas download Draw Coliseum and have a try! 

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