Grand Theft Auto Vice City


OS: Android 7.0 and up



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes the Vice City of the 1980s as the background, and this fictional City is actually based on the prototype of Miami, USA, in the 1980s. The leading character of the game is called Tommy Vercetti, who is a member of the Forelli brothers and gangs. The scene in the game is twice as big as the Grand Theft Auto 3. There are more than 100 vehicles available for players, including helicopters and motorcycles. More than 90 classic songs in the 1980s will be made in the form of background music in the game.


1. Hot-blooded and fierce fighting; and as long as players commit and complete a 5-star crime, then they can get escaped successfully and orders the world to follow;

2. More hidden plots of stories waiting to be found, and when entering a sinful city, a unique battle will be started;

3. Players can also look for luxury cars, grab police cars, and hurt the police, all of which are primary crimes and get their speed up;

Game Hights

1. Hours of plot length makes players have an experience with signs of danger appearing everywhere like being in a movie;

2. From beaches to swamps, from flashy downtown to slums, the open world is infinitely wonderful;

3. To manage the town and become a dangerous and charming mayor of the town;

4. Your choice will lead to your end.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a hot-blooded action-adventure game taken place in the city. The game has a high degree of freedom, which will make players open a classic adventure in this city. They choose to be a law-abiding and good citizen, or to do all kinds of strange things, depending on your choice. Now download it fast and have fun!

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By Transfers can be ordered not merely to or from the airport, but also after compelling around the city.

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