Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4)


OS: Win xp / Win 7 / Win 8
CPU: 2.0 GHz or equivalent



  The main scene of GTA IV is based on the original design of New York City in the United States, which vividly restores most of the features of New York City (four of the five districts of New York City will appear in the game), but all blocks and place names have been modified in this game. For example, the original Manhattan Bridge is called the Algonquin Bridge in the game, Brooklyn is changed to Broker, Queens is renamed Dukes, and even the Statue of Liberty, one of the landmark buildings in the United States, is renamed the Statue of Happiness. The size of the whole city is not as large as St Andrews, but it is much better than the former in details. In addition, there are only metropolises in the game, and there are no suburbs or wilderness.

  The pedestrians (NPC) in the game will be much more realistic than those in all previous works in the series. Some of them are sitting on park benches, some are smoking cigars, some are reading while walking. All NPCs will do their own things like the citizens of big cities in the real world. Rockstar's development team said that the images in the previously released game images are not the final version, and the actual effect of the game will be better than it is now.

  As for the background of the game, according to Rockstar official introduction, Bellic, the protagonist of the film, came to the GTA LC after being persuaded by his cousin Roman. Roman boasted that he lived a paradise-like life in GTA LC, with gorgeous mansion, dozens of high-end sports cars and many beautiful women. However, when Bellic arrived in GTA LC, he found that the cousin had nothing but his poor relative, who was also down and out.

  PC has a newly-added replay mode, you can watch anything you've done in the last 30 minutes at any time. In any event, you can press a button to capture a video. You can then edit and compile the videos yourself and upload them to Rockstar's Social Club website.But most importantly, the multiplayer model has been strengthened. Rockstar officially announced that multiplayer can support more than 16 players, more than the home version. PC version will strengthen the search and filtering functions, so that players can quickly and accurately find the game they want.

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