Goat Simulator


OS: Android 4.0.3 and up


Goat Simulator is an action-adventure game developed by Coffee Stain Studios.

In the game, players are required to destroy all kinds of things by simulating goats and get more scores by exercising stunts.

The player controls a goat in the background and simulates the goat so that as much as damage will be caused. The way of getting points is destroying things, destroying in style. For example, doing a back-flip while hitting a bucket with your head through a window, then the player can earn even more points. As for goats, even the sky is not a limit to them because players may break it and crash the game.

Player's Role

Goat is the sole role and character that the plays can choose and control. In the game, they can get points by destroying objects, killing humans and other animals, or exercising stunts. Four special goats can be unlocked by collecting golden goat sculptures.

First is the UNLOCKED TALL GOA. That is, it can be unlocked by collecting 5 gold goat sculptures.

Second is the UNLOCKED FEATHER GOAT, which is to collect 10 gold goat sculptures.

The third is the UNLOCKED GIANT GOAT, which is to collect 20 gold goat sculptures.

The fourth is the UNLOCKED SPACE GOAT, which is to collect 30 gold goat sculptures, and this is the last.


Humans and other animals can walk freely on the map. Humans are divided into different types, including police, waiters, pedestrians, and so on. In addition, special characters have their own Dialog Boxes.

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