Dino Hunter Deadly Shores


OS: Android 5.0
CPU: 2 Ghz



Dino Hunter Deadly Shores is a first-person shooting game. Instead of playing a soldier with a gun against an enemy, the player becomes a dinosaur hunter this time. Yes, as you can see, the setting of the game is a mysterious island with dinosaurs! The setting of the game is a mysterious island with dinosaurs! The presence of the giant creatures that were extinct on the earth for a long time and should not be present at present, threaten human security and the balance of nature.


Take your weapons and boldly clean them out of the earth once more! When you point a gun at them, you can see the skin texture on the dinosaur. You are never tied of the prey, ranging from triceratops to Tyrannosaurus Rex, from the sky to the land. As a dinosaur hunter, you are not just armed with guns, other equipments, like cannons, arrows,  will facilitate you  to improve your attack!

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