Garena Free Fire BOOYAH Day


OS: Android 4.1 and up


Game Introduction:

Garena Free Fire not only is a real mobile game with the survival theme, but also the shooting battle game to test your technologies. If you would like to survive in this fierce game battlefield, you have to constantly think, and aim at the enemies with your weapons, which will need your good eyesight and quick actions. At the same time, you should be on guard against enemies. So, the mobile game is extremely challenging.


[Classic Live-action Version, Survival Game]

Live-action version is instant combat, with classic PUBG survival game play. Electromagnetic erosion, resources looting, ambush attacks, supplies looting and battleground. No methods, no standards, the battle may be changed anytime and anywhere. No one knows who will be the final survival winner until the last minute!

[Character System, Personalized Appearance]

Professional racers, high school girls, police officers, paramedics, soldiers, private bodyguards and so on. Each professional character has the unique survival skills and is highly skilled in military drill. Wait you to explore their unique background stories as well as a large number of countermeasures and strategies!

[Variety of models, Rich Playing Methods]

Classic island lifestyle; dysphoric and exciting single and multi-person ranking training; the athletic drag racing mode; rapid mode-- a game lasts for five minutes. All kinds of game plays could meet your different survival expectations!

[Easy to Get Started, Deep Exploration]

It is specially designed for mobile phones and panel computers. You could enjoy the fine visual and auditory experience, as well as the touch of manipulation, so that concentrate on the experience of the strange and unpredictable record on islands, and the anxiety, irritation and happiness!

[Start the Game Following the Rhythm Anytime and Anywhere]

The game will last for average ten minutes, so you could play the game on your phone in spare time!

Playing Method:

1. You could buy the weapons what you like in the shop, including submachine guns, bazookas, etc.

2. You can also drive your own car to chase your enemies and grab their territories.

3. The maps are rich in the game, and you can explore all of them for free.


Garena Free Fire has the perfect quality of the game screen, comfortable operation touch, and fully shows the touch of all kinds of guns! If you like guns and adventures, look at the extremely challenging game, please!

More Description

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