Lily’s Garden


OS: Android 5.0 and up


Lily's Garden is a game designed for running and developing a small business. In this game, players will get a garden of their own. They can decorate it as they like to heart content, and there are rich props to buy as well. Come and have a try!

Match and collect flowers in hundreds of unique jigsaw puzzles, and win the stars and grow plants in your garden!

Players can interact with a group of colorful characters. Please come to challenge it!

Game Features:

- Grow and expand your garden through a unique location associated with the story!

- Collect flowers by clicking on hundreds of addictive jigsaw puzzle levels!

- Enjoy hand-painted art and 3D animated characters!

- Enjoy fascinating stories through interesting and sincere conversations!

Game Highlights:

With a unique jigsaw puzzle. Enabled to draw your favorite characters.

Enabled to feel interesting dialogue as well as rich story plots.

Addictive gameplay cannot be missed.

Players can build their favorite party as they like to heart content!

Freestyle match gameplay cannot be missed.

And enabled to complete the task to win the stars and grow plants in their garden as well!

More Description

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