Tangle Master 3D


OS: Android 4.4 and up



Tangle Master 3D is a mini puzzle game for entertainment. What the players need to do is to untie the ropes and use their imagination to get more rewards.

There are a number of stages with different degrees of difficulty. Though the different winding ways may make you feel like a bear with a sore head, the moment you calm down, you will surely make it. Please come and have a try!


The difficulty of many a level can be adjusted, so go to try more challenging forms.

In the most direct interactive moments, the player can enjoy the operation of many different types of items; playability has been improved.

With a very detailed scene description, the player can find the best easy to play. There will be a lot of fun.

In different scenes, the player can find the most relaxed operating time. It's an amazing entertainment that makes the player completely relaxed.

It is suitable for passing time, and not too difficult; all the players need to do is just to touch and drag with the finger, then the mission accomplished easily. 

It makes players find a very comfortable and exclusive playing time, enjoying the most direct interaction mode.

Players also can complete one of the most difficult technical operations in a most relaxed way, and play at their will. 

As the level upgrades, players will be facing a more and more difficult level. But don't worry, there is no punishing system.

It is also very easy to complete the mission just by moving fingers, which will surely make players have a pleasant and relaxed experience.

It is good for enhancing wisdom as well. In the course of clearing obstacles, players' brains will run quickly and come up with the best method.

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