Slay The Spire


OS: Nintendo-Switch



Slay the Spire is an excellent single-player card-group game, which integrates the card game and Roguelike together. It is designed to create a unique card group, come across countless strange creatures, and find powerful relics. Go to slay this high tower!


1. There are two leading roles, and each has its own unique card group.

2. At present, there are 200 cards available.

3. More than 50 different battles.

4. More than 100 props awaiting to be found.

5. Stages designed by programming.

6. Lots of unlocked contents.

I. Variable process of forming cards

Choose your card carefully! On the way up the tower, hundreds of cards can be discovered and collected into your group. Try to choose the best cards to form a group that can defeat the enemy and reach the top of the tower.

II. Changeable high tower

Every time on the way to the high tower, the structure of which will change. The player can choose different paths, dangerous or safe; different enemies, different cards, different relics, and even fight with different bosses!

III. Strong relics awaiting to be found

There are lots of strong props called relics in the tower, which are able to greatly improve players fighting capacity. But it is not only the gold coins that to be costed in obtaining relics. 

Strategy Tips:

As a game that focuses on strategies and randomness, though the new player the editor is, there still are several tips of clearing stages for double roles, hoping it's helpful!

1. Capability cards and relics are the core of the sect. Most of the sects are focused on the combination of two or three capability cards and a relic. The first mission is to get one core card or relic in the first stage, and determine the developing route. 

2. The basic attack and defence are all burdensome; throw them as possible as you can, and get rid of them when coming across the merchant. Just take the ordinary cards before determining which route to go, and attach importance to the passing cards and charging cards. A card without a trick function is like a curse on you.

3. No matter which route you choose, there are always four problems to be solved: the source of harm, the source of the shield, the source of charges, and the source of hand cards. One shortcoming may get your clear the stage, but two will be difficult to get passed. Remember to solve the problem with 25 cards, and there are 15 to 20 cards for reuse. Two many cards will be a burden and two less will be afraid to get contaminated.

4. Because the supply of cards is greater than the demand, the little monster on the map is the option with the lowest value. The secondary is the question mark and the highest is the bonfire. When solved the source of the shield, the elite monster will be the option with the highest value.

5. If the face is too dark in a battle, withdraw after saving information, and then try again. But it will be downgraded a lot in the degree of difficulty, not recommending.

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