KartRider Rush


OS: Android 4.4 and up


KartRider Rush is a pretty cool kart Parkour mobile game. All kinds of cool karts will be brought to everyone. The player can choose a suitable one in the battle, which will perform more flexibly. It also has unique content and element design. The players need to control their karts to participate in the race, and the more flexible they control, the more they can get, the faster they upgrade the kart grade.


1. I believe that almost everyone has played the classic kart Parkour game. Rich and diverse content will make you easier to master.

2. There are many track maps available, each with a large number of unexpected traps and obstacles.

3. In each competition, you have to collect more props to help you complete the perfect home stretch.


1. This will be a perfect adventure process for you. That full of dangerous challenges will make each of your challenges more relaxed and simple.

2. In the process of driving a kart constantly forward to complete home stretch, the player not only needs to pay attention to the dangers along the way while pursuing speed, but also to avoid traps flexibly.

3. Every adventure can make your nerves tense; constantly unlock more advanced kart to accomplish more challenges.

Brief comments:

1. Plenty of driver roles are available to you; that unique and novel content patterns will make you excited a lot in each challenge.

2. You can use the most familiar and flexible way to control the kart for Parkour and quickly surpass your opponent on all kinds of extreme tracks.

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