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Welcome to Homescapes! Help housekeeper Austin regain warmth and comfort for his beautiful mansion. Please come on in! The moment you step into the door, it is the beginning of the adventure!

Welcome to Homescapes! Help housekeeper Austin regain warmth and comfort for his beautiful mansion. Please come on in! The moment you step into the door, it is the beginning of the adventure!


Unique playing method: by exchanging and matching blocks to help Austin renovate his house!

Indoor design: the decoration of the house is up to you.

Exciting 3-Match stages: it contains unique enhanced props and explosive combinations, with such great fun!

Beautiful and spacious mansion: uncover all the secrets in the mansion!

Excellent characters: watch their daily lives and interact with them on the community network within the game.

Lovely pet: have the chance to know about the cute hairy cat.

Now invite your Facebook friends to help you build a warm atmosphere in the house!

Strategy Tips

As a sequel of the Gardenscapes, the background of the Homescapes undertakes its follow-up storyline. The protagonist is housekeeper Austin, middle-aged, balding and talkative. One night, of a sudden he recalls Grandpa's hand-built big house (mansion), then he begins to miss those beautiful days of childhood, and all sorts of feelings well up in his mind. Then without demur he pulls players to fly home and regain his memories. When he gets home and only finds it turned out to be dilapidated over the years, Most of the furniture has been faced with the crisis of scrapping and need repairing, and what's worse, Austin's parents plan to sell the whole house!

Please come to restore the house to its former appearance, Austin entrusted you with the task, and he will surely help you! (miaow, miaow? You may say it's ridiculous that the master should have helped the housekeeper build the house!

Well, after all, he is my old housekeeper who has taken care of me for many years, please come to meet his small wish!

Let's start from his room, change the sofa, bookshelf, and desk; each time when you change an article means you clear a stage, and the playing method is just like that of Gardenscapes. Playrix is really good at dividing the Matching into kinds of fun for players to experience. The flexible use of various little props makes players unable to stop even though one wants to, such as the combination of exquisite pictures, special effects as well as sound effects. And in addition, the lovely housekeeper with the heart of a girl tends to disclose his secrets now and then, like "My audiotape is out of use..." or "The new suction machine is truly smart! I want one too", and so on. It is impossible for uncle Austin to be an amazing and quiet balding man, who will do something really hilarious from time to time, which brings us a great deal of fun!

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