Happy Glass 2


OS: Android 4.4 and up



The latest version of Happy Glass 2 on Android is a super interesting and puzzle game on the mobile phone, which is easy to win and fun for PK. Happy Glass 2 has been launched as a blockbuster, which inherits the classic line-drawing game-play. That is to say, players need to draw lines on the screen to successfully put orange juice into the cup, It is a game full of challenging and spatial imagination, with fun competition and interesting PK, simple playing mode and hundreds of levels of challenge. Come to challenge it!


1. Draw lines on the screen to face the challenge, with super fun game mode waiting for you to experience; It inherits the previous classic works to make you re-experience the Happy Glass game, the influencer on Internet; 

2. The exciting challenge is about to start from now on, please let your imagination run wild to start to clear stages; the small glass needs to be filled with water to be happy. Come to enjoy the happy adventure and show your strength;

3. Followed and pursued the practice of the previous game mode, it designs its own simple style of game images with joyous and exciting challenges, which makes players expect to enjoy it right away, please download and have a try!

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