Toca Kitchen 2


OS: Android 4.4 and up



As a funny spoof simulation cooking game with fairyhood. Toca Kitchen 2 demands the player to play a gourmet who makes darkness cuisine. You can make all kinds of cuisine in this kitchen as you like, and invite the guests to taste, thus to get fun from their expression of being hot to tears or disgusting to vomit. If you are interested, download it quickly!

The popular Toca kitchen is coming back! Toca kitchen 2 brings new diners, tools, and new ingredients. Toca kitchen 2 is looking forward to all chefs to strutting your stuff and have fun!


Unlimited creativity

Who says the dishes must be good-looking and delicious? At Toca kitchen 2, you can do whatever you want! Make a potato tower, make a salad, or make a hamburger. Create your own secret formula to serve your guests with special delicacies.

Odd ingredients and cookers

There are six different kitchenware to choose for you to make special dishes! Choose your favorite ingredients with some "magic" seasoning, and finally a little bit of "strange stuff." It's time for your guests to have a taste! Is it top one dishes?

Observe their looks

Observe the guests’ looks and figure out their preferences. Stewed fish head with fried leftovers, then pour a cup of lettuce juice! Oh, they don't like it? Then add a spoon of salt. The most interesting thing is to hear them say "Er".


-The refrigerator is squeezed with new ingredients

-New character ready to taste your dishes

-Stronger reaction of your guests

-Wholly new juicer and oven

-Frying pan! Now you can fry anything. Anybody want to fry a peach or spaghetti?

-No rules or pressure - just endless fun!

Game Reviews

A very funny cooking simulation game where you need to make different recipes for the guests. The looks of each guest are different, which depends on your formula and ingredients. The game itself is funny and you can make some darkness cooking to observe their reaction: funny and comical!

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