Secret Neighbor


OS: Win7 and up
CPU: i5 or Ryzen



    The game Secret Neighbor is a suspenseful multiplayer horror game in which a group of children attempt to rescue their friends from their neighbor's creepy basement. The only problem is that one of the children was a neighbor in disguise.

    The story takes place Between act one and Act two in the game “Hello Neighbor!”

    A group of kids try to break into a suspicious neighbor's basement to rescue their missing friend. But now there’s a problem! One of the children was a traitor —a mysterious neighbor in disguise. His mission is to win the trust of other players, and then betray them. The children will win if they get into the basement!

Act as a child:

    Collect keys

    Save your friend from your neighbor’s basement

    Cooperate with each other but don’t trust anyone

    If you're lucky enough to play a neighbor, then:

    This house is your place! Take good advantages of it to distract, frighten and confuse intruders.

    Use your gadgets to gain an advantage over the kids’ team

    Earn the enemy’s trust and strike decisively in the appropriate time.

    Guard your basement!

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