Hello Neighbor for PC


OS: Windows 7 and up
CPU: Intel i5 or Ryzen 5



     Hello Neighbor is an adventure-based decryption game produced by the Russian game studio Dynamic Pixels. The goal of the player in the game is to enter the neighbor’s house, through a variety of means to avoid the neighbor’s reconnaissance, finally into the mysterious warehouse door as the victory.


    Many years ago, in the PC game Neighbors, players used a variety of methods to trick the fat and stupid neighbor, which made people laugh. But once played there was not much more challenges.The fat neighbor would follow the set route every time. Dynamic Pixels, a Russian game studio, recently released a game called “Hello, Neighbor!”, which is also neighbor-themed. The difference is that the neighbors in this game are pretty smart.

    The story of “Hello neighbor!” takes place in a small village where the player has just moved. Everything is normal, but why did the neighbor living across the street nail the warehouse door? Could it be a hostage taken by a neighbor? Or is there a monster? You can't help wondering to find out.

    The neighbor in the game is quite sensitive. The most serious is, he not only can discover your trace by hearing and sight, but also can learn from the player's actions and behaviors in the game. IQ grows unceasingly!


     Players in the game can also make troubles for neighbors in order to escape from the house with various props. As long as you can imagine, all things in the neighbor’s house are the trick tools such as kettle, refrigerator, chair, slingshot, etc. But just to be clear, in “Hello Neighbor!”, the persistent neighbor can also use these props against you!

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