LEGO City Undercover


OS: Xbox One



LEGO City Undercover is a Lego-themed action adventure game developed by TT games. It was sold on the WiiU platform earlier, and has now landed on the PC platform.

How to play:

The player will play the role of a detective, whose task is to investigate various crimes in the city and ensure that San Francisco operates without criminals. Players can investigate more than 20 unique areas, wipe out car bandit gangs, and discover the contents learnt from funny movies, drive various vehicles, and collect hundreds of collectibles.

Characters and props:

There are more than 100 vehicles in the game that can be collected and driven, including sports cars, motorcycles and even helicopters.

General comments:

"LEGO City: Undercover" combines funny original stories with Lego's iconic humor to create a fun experience for players at all ages.

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