Angry Birds 2


OS: Android4.4
CPU: 1Ghz



    The story of this game is very interesting, where in order to revenge the pigs who steal the eggs, the birds use their own bodies as weapons to attack the fortress of the pigs like shells. With the game as the animated 2D picture, it's very exciting and exciting to look at the red cartoon bird selflessly smashing to the fortress of green pigs. The soundtrack of the game is also full of happy feeling, relaxed rhythm and cheerful style.

     In the game, in order to retaliate for stealing the eggs of green pigs, birds of various colors use their bodies as weapons to attack the fortress of pigs. The game is divided into 11 chapters, including 9 ordinary chapters, 1 Golden Egg chapter and 1 McDonald's special chapter.

Game operation:

     Angry birds, in order to protect their eggs, launch a struggle with the green pigs. Touching to control catapult, the shooting will be completed. 

     The game is very simple, the bird on the catapult is ejected to hit the green pigs, and players can pass the level by hitting all the green piges. The angle and strength of the bird's ejection is controlled by the player's fingers. The comprehensive calculation of the strength and angle should be considered, so as to hit the pig more accurately. The ejected bird will leave the ejection trajectory, which can be used to adjust the angle and strength. In addition, the more points each level has, the higher the evaluation will be.


     Angry Birds 2 is a skill-based game. Even experienced players can meet enough challenges. The plot is simple and there is no need to learn. Each level takes less than a minute. Because of this, it is popular among those who want to wait for meetings, bus trips and breaks between meetings, which fills in the fragmented time and has interesting pictures, and can also relieve the work pressure in the explosion of pig heads, making it conquer many game players.

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