Asphalt 9:Legends


OS: Android 4.4



   “Asphalt 9:Legends" is a world-famous racing mobile game produced by Gameloft.

    [With host image quality and racing experience, each frame is a HD Wallpaper]

    The realistic and exquisite real racing cars, HDR technology and amazing visual particle effect make every race like a high-definition movie!

    [With the legal authorization of top luxury cars, every racing car is unique]

    The game has a large number of top luxury cars authorized by world famous manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc. The new carbon fiber customization system allows you to refit your exclusive car at will!

    [With extreme racing and wild stunt, every race is an action blockbuster]

    Third-order ultimate nitrogen pulse, make the car break through all obstacles! The brand-new car stunts of roller flying, and 360 ° whirling, makes driving more wild!

    [Each start on the track in well-known city scenic spots is to travel around the world]

    With over 70 real racing tracks across the world, you can watch the Oriental Pearl Tower in the Bund, Shanghai, compete with tornadoes in the American wilderness and avoid avalanches in Himalaya Mountains.

    [Multi-players competing in Ladder League, every overtaking is a legend ofachievement]

    More than 60 seasons and more than 800 races are waiting for you to unlock your driver's career. You can also participate in 8-person real-time racing in the Ladder League, and become a real racing legend!

    [Intelligent control is simple and ready-to-hand, and every steering is drifting to turn the corner]

    The new touch drive operation will help you simplify the steering operation and let you focus on the pleasure of racing! But you can also switch to manual control (gravity sensing or click steering) to become a more professional racer of Asphalt!

    [Setting up a driver's club, and every meeting is a racing feast]

    "Asphalt 9" is the first time to introduce club playing method. In the game, you can establish your own club with like-minded drivers, cooperating to unlock milestone awards and improving club ranking!

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