My Talking Tom


OS: Android2.3
CPU: 1Ghz
RAM: 1GB or more



    My Talking Tom is a pet raising game. Adopt your kitten and help him grow into a handsome cat. Take good care of your virtual pet, name it and make it a part of your life - feed it, play with it and nurture it. Choose from other accessories to dress him any way you like. Decorate his cattery and find how others decorate their cats’ houses. Play games with your Tom and watch him become a part of your daily routine.

How to play:

    The following mini-games are provided for this case. Go up, tom run, planet hop, happy connect, a space piano, cake tower.A jelly, a mousetrap, hit the road, guess a happy face, dress up, rocket fun and Flappy Tom.The main purpose of the game is to make Tom eat full and keep a good mood. So, we had to feed Tom on time, take him to the toilet, and then put away clothes, clean the house and try to entertain the little cat in various ways. If we find these daily activities boring, the following mini-games are provided for this case. Go up, Tom Run, Planet Hop, Happy Connect, a space piano, cake Tower. A jelly, a mousetrap, hit the road, guess a happy face, dress up, rocket fun and Flappy Tom. Win any mini-games and you will get gold coins, gain achievements, purchase furniture, clothes and various necessities.

If you don't want to spend time making money, you can always buy it at the game store for real money.

    Tom is a smart cat who knows how to repeat the phrases of the owner of a smartphone or tablet (with a built-in microphone).And he can see the movement of our fingers: just swipe your finger across the device’s screen.


    • Play 10 games: memory games, mouse shooting and more! Win gold coins and have fun!

    • Record and Watch Videos: Record and share your own "My Talking Tom" video, and watch other videos.

    •Nurture your own Tom: play games with him, feed him his favorite food, and put him to bed.

    • Visit your friends and other players’ game of My Talking Tom: visit their cats' apartments, see their costumes, find treasure chests and earn gold coins!

    • Experience vivid expressions of emotion: Tom will be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored...His emotions change depending on the way you interact with him.

    • Get creative: Choose from over 1,000 combinations of fur colors, clothing and furniture to create your own Tom.

    • Play the game and get the reward: with the game on, help Tom successfully achieve the growth of nine stages with a total of 999 levels, unlock new items and win gold!

    •Interact with Tom: When you talk to Tom, he will still repeat what you say.Poke, pet or tickle him to see how he reacts.


    Millions of people play My Talking Tom every day. Come and play!

You can even take Tom Cat on trips to other countries and condense the experience into a photo album! Best of all...It's totally free! Download now and start the game right away!

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